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Emplacart, started its activities in 1991, with the main activity being the manufacture and sale of automotive plates. It has its headquarters located in the south of Espirito Santo in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, consecrated as the pioneer company to be accredited in the south of the state.
Our goal is that we can meet with quality and agility in the production of the plates, in order to be offering customers total satisfaction in the acquisition of our product. The average time of manufacture of our plates is on average 10 minutes *, are manufactured within Denatran standards in both sizes and formats.
* According to order of arrival at the establishment.


Institutional Values

We are manufacturers of automotive license plates by Detran-ES
Vision: To be a company that does not only aim at profit but also customer satisfaction. We focus on professional ethics valuing the human being.
Values: We believe that in our company the owner is God, we only manage what we have opted for while we are here. And so we do, as smoothly as possible.

Customer in 1st Place

With more than 25 years of experience in the automotive plate manufacturing market, EMPLACART has in its history a range of innovations and technological advances, a company that has been a pioneer in the implementation of tools that have enabled more convenience and safety for the customers.
We are always researching trends and needs of the market to finally, in the reality of our consumers, provide a product with fair price and unquestionable quality.



EMPLACART always strives to provide security and reliability to customers, combating counterfeiting and tampering, by inserting innovative safety items into vehicle plates. The security items aim to prevent the falsification of the vehicular plates, besides helping to identify the authentic products.

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